Company Profile

Apple Home Deco Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based house-numbering manufacturer. A subsidiary of Speed Advertising Sdn Bhd which founded at 1998 for both commercial and application custom sign manufacturer in our dependable professional services by quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Thru our 6 years of experience, hard work and persistency to obtained the best, we developed a strong foundation in skillful craftsmanship, innovative ideas and designs to suite the house numbering industries with the most simple and clear, attractive and yet elegant products, with full of surprises from time to time and plan to do the same for the future with our fully automated computerized art department, equipment and machinery.

Our Vision

The name Apple Home is synonymous with amiable, creativity, ambition and popularity.

Our founder strongly emphasized on vision and goal. To achieved our vision and goal, we are ready to build the commitment to shine on the highest quality and the most innovative designs house numbering provider around the world with our talented executives, committed business partners and satisfying customers. We believe that human resources are the most powerful tools around the world.

Perhaps, someday we would see people laughing and surprisingly seeing their same house numbering manufacturer's products hanging at the wall in front their friends and family member's home when they travel around the world. And, we aim to be the first solution provider that everybody can think and rely on, when it comes to a home numbering need.
Our Business Philosophy

We believe that imitation means limitation. This philosophy began with our founder, and continued throughout our history.

It defines what we strive to be as a house numbering manufacturer and how we remind our people what they should do and how high our goal is.

Our people philosophy, we value innovation, ideas and teamwork. We believe thru teamwork, we can achieve miracle and wonder.

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